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Theta Healing Technique

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What is Theta Healing?


Theta Healing is an energy healing method which is helping people around the world to transform their lives on the deepest level using the power of the subconsious mind. It’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to help you achieve the life you deserve.


Imagine your Mind is Like an Iceberg.

The tip of the iceberg is the conscious mind and beliefs that we are aware of and can easily see in our daily living, but responsible for less than 10% of your thoughts.

Theta Healing addresses the limiting subconscious beliefs below the surface that hold us back from reaching our fullest potential, our most optimal health, and our deepest joy.


Clear Limiting Beliefs at Their Deepest Level.

Using Theta Healing, limiting subconscious beliefs are instantly and permanently shifted into beliefs that are self-empowering and aligned with what we consciously desire. This alignment is necessary to create the life you desire!


The subconscious mind actually lives in every cell of our bodies. It can even be said that it is the body. There are several documented cases in which recipients of organ transplants have remembered memories or acquired skills that once belonged to their donor. (This is how muscle testing works to uncover what beliefs lie within the subconscious; we simply ask the body.) Furthermore, science has discovered that it's not so much what DNA we have that controls our bodies, but our minds, which activate or deactivate the DNA that is already there with the messages it sends to the cells.


Imagine your body as a community of individual cells. Imagine that these individual cells are members under a dictatorship, which the mind. Your cells do everything the mind tells them do to. So why don't we heal if we just consciously tell our bodies we want to heal. Because, as we mentioned above, the tape recorder of the subconscious is on repeat; playing all the time. So unless we can be conscious of all our thoughts 100% of the time, a task not too fit for the majority of the busy, modern world, most of the messages going to the body are from the subconscious. If our subconscious has beliefs of illness and malfunction, those beliefs are dictated to the cells and, because they are always obedient, respond accordingly. Here is where the miracles can happen…if we change our subconscious programming, if we replace the dictator's messages with one's of health, happiness and wellbeing…this is what the body will create!




 Most people are not actually aware of the beliefs that exist in their subconscious. Along with the practitioner's intuitive connection to Source energy, Theta Healing also employs a technique called muscle testing to find out what subconscious beliefs may be inhibiting the client.

Theta healing Saint John, New brunswick with Denise Carson B.A, n.d



Our bodies exist in an electromagnetic field. Therefore, when we say a statement that is true to our subconscious such as "I am a woman/man," the electromagnetic charge of our field strengthens, which causes our muscles to strengthen. When we say a statement that is false, such as, "I am a jellyfish, our field goes weak, and so do our muscles. During a session, the practitioner will ask the client to say certain phrases, such as "I deserve to be completely healthy", and test the muscle strength to determine if the client believes the phrase is true or false. Common muscles used for muscle testing are the fingers and the shoulders. Below is a picture of a common method used during a theta healing treatment.





During a Theta healing treatment you will be sitting comfortably on a chair, across from the practitioner ( me) . I will ask you questions and get you to repeat certain statements, and muscle test to see if the statements are true or false. I will always ask permission before making any changes to any beliefs you may have, and you absolutely can choose to keep a belief or change it at another time, the choice is always yours. During a change, I will close my eyes, and will hold your hands, connect to the source of all creation, and make whatever changes need to be made to change the core belief in your subconscious mind. This is very relaxing, and you may choose to close your eyes as well, and feel the changes being made inside your body as they are happening. This could come in the form of visions, thoughts, or sensations. Sometimes during a session emotions will arise and this is normal; this is a safe environment for allowing things to surface and I will support you during your process. All sessions are confidential and will not be shared with anyone.




Two words, hydrate yourself. In any energy modality it is important that you are hydrated! With Theta healing, being hydrated is very important for an accurate muscle test. You do not have to drink as much as the picture below, I just found it humorous :) However, I do suggests drinking 1-2 glasses of water before the session, as well as a full 8 glasses of water the day before. Wearing comfortable clothing will also help you relax during your session, so please wear something you feel comfortable in.











































































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