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Natural Therapy Techniques

Naturopathic Services With Denise Carson B.A, n.d, can include all of the following Services





Reiki & Beyond (Energy Medicine)


Rei means universal and ki means life force energy. Reiki can be defined as universal life force energy and is in all things. 


Reiki, is an unseen force applied through the hands which activates the whole person and creates harmony on all levels. Reiki clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways. This healing energy treats the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of the person. This non-invasive treatment provides pain relief, speeds the healing process, STRESS REDUCTION, promotes enhanced energy, better sleep, and eases anxiety, among other benefits.


Reiki ( energy work) works in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques and is also widely used in hospitals, hospices, and with animals.



"Getting Energy work done was one of the best things I have ever done for myself, things make a lot more sense to me, I feel wonderful, and the pain in my joints is gone!  I feel like I am seeing life a lot more clearly since my visit with you.

Thank you so much! Your energy is very soothing and calming."

Natallie V, Saint John, N.B

"Through my belief work sessions, it was apparent that fear was the root causes of other issues I was having.

After the treatment it seemed that an invisible wall had been lifted.  Issues, thoughts, feelings that would have prevented me from moving forward or approaching "touchy" issues were no longer there. I would notice shortly after the session that I would react differently in situations where I would normally shut down from fear.  I have been able to objectively look at these past experiences and know that is not me any longer, with a huge sigh of relief.


 I would highly recommend a treatment with Denise, and have already recommended this to friends and clients, as I found it to be a wonderful tool in breaking old cycles and thought patterns that really hindered me from making much needed change in my life.

The Subconscious Belief work session was very relaxing and informative, and overall a liberating experience.  "

Gina H, Saint John, N.B

Stop Smoking Cold Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy has been used for over 30 years to help thousands of people worldwide to quit smoking with a 94% Success Rate! It is a safe and effective treatment used to take away the physical cravings of the nicotine addiction and increase feelings of calm and well being during the crucial stop smoking phase.

The cold laser stimulates acupuncture points on your face, ears, hands and wrist to signal the brain to produce large amounts of endorphins in the body which removes most if not all of the physical cravings.

For More Information on Cold Laser Therapy click HERE


"Thank you for your love and support, it means alot to me and has helped me tremendously.  You should be proud of who you are and what you do for people"

Gail M, Saint John, N.B

Reflexology ( Hand, Foot or Face)


Reflexology is a  system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness, based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands, and head linked to every part of the body.  When these points are stimulated, they trigger the bodies self correcting system which can assist in bringing the body into balance or homeostasis




Somatic Experiencing
& Early Developmental Trauma (Transformative Touch)


​Are you going around in circles?  Repeating the same pattern over and over again?  Affirmations not working? Talk therapy not bringing movement?

The solution is in connecting the conscious mind to the subconscious mind (body or Soma) by using your focus/ awareness inside the body to connect to the truth.  This is different than talk therapy, because we only need to talk to activate the energy.   I include cognitive behavioural therapy to work on the conscious mind, pattern recognition with self awareness and self talk changes.  As well as bring you into the body to experience somatically where the belief is held and to actively release it from the nervous system.


Giving you a Full connection with mind body and spirit on all levels



I have had the pleasure to know Denise as a belief work practitioner,  she is very down to earth and shows compassion as a therapist and a teacher. I received several sessions with Denise and was amazed by the results.    It allowed me to find and remove some very serious blocks and core beliefs that had been holding me back from achieving my dreams. I saw immediate results that were nothing less than a miracle. Subconscious work takes you to a much deeper level, to address so many things that other healing sessions were not able to achieve.  I highly recommend Denise 

Tonya S, Saint John, N.B

Sound Therapy

Since its development as a therapy in Australia over 40,000 years ago, sound healing has been used in nearly every culture to aid in the treatment of both mental and physical illnesses and injuries, and in some cases to assist individuals in the dying process.


Sound healing can involve a wide array of instruments such as tuning forks/Rods, crystal bowls, drums, rattles,  as well as human vocalizations.


A cranial nerve connects the eardrum to every organ in the human body, so externally generated sounds can have profound and direct effects on internal systems By subjecting clients to various frequencies, healers harmonize cells, organs, and biological systems which may have been disrupted, blocked, or out of sync with the remainder of the body and its environment.  Bring your body back in tune with who you are and enjoy the relaxing sounds as they vibrate you into vibrant health.


For Further reading on Sound Therapy Reseach click here

"In my energy work session, Denise and I were able to quickly identify old thought patterns and beliefs that are not serving me anymore, then work to release these. It was a powerful and transformative experience, and I felt lighter and freer afterward. I was able to see life in a new light. "

Kate L, Moncton, N.B

I had major surgery in Feb 2012 leading to post op complications with an extremely long recovery process. I had major abdominal swelling since then which has compromised daily living.  There was "light at the end of the tunnel'  I saw Denise and had 3 amazing sound healing sessions this year and have experienced major shifts in abdominal swelling, literally down 2 inches!  And my inner pain and pressure has been completely alleviated.

Big hug & thank you  Denise.


Jan M, Saint John, N.B

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