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Testimonials For Treatments & Classes




 I took Reiki initially because I wanted to change the direction of my life. Later, it became more about self-healing and spiritual evolution. I personally loved that the classes played out in a non-structured way. The class would move in whatever direction felt right intuitively to Denise. It made for a better learning experience to have her lead us based on what our collective energies were telling her. I really liked that components of shamanism and Theta were also imbedded in the teachings. Not only did we leave with Reiki as one of our spiritual tools, we had been shown some helpful techniques from other healing modalities as a bonus.


My Reiki treatments from the class members and Denise also helped me to clear some of my emotional blocks and intuitive misunderstandings about myself. I left her class with more self-awareness, and an intuitive clarity I had not felt in many months.   Reiki has drawn the shortest distance between two points in many life scenarios; from removing unhealthy relationships, situations, thoughts, and emotions in record time… Yet never more than I could handle!


I Would you recommend a Reiki Class with Denise, Absolutely! Denise knows her stuff, but most importantly she LIVES it. Because Reiki is integrated into her way of Being, her presence alone is a teaching. Her classes are refreshing and educational, and they’re also a lot of fun. Her ‘no worries’ attitude makes you feel like you can express anything without fear of judgment. I think it’s so important to bring this type of comfort to clients and students… How can anyone feel transformed when they remain bottled up inside? Denise sets a very positive and relaxed tone to her classes. She never runs out of energy or smiles to offer her students. I’m very grateful and honored to have had her as a teacher.

M. Leslie, Moncton N.B

Always Cheerful, my Reiki Teacher has been an inspiration to me to rise above the challenges of everyday life. She has a special outlook on life and feels that your attitude is everything. Her knowledge of Reiki is based on her beliefs and she practices and teaches it in the same spirit of goodness and abundance.  She believes and passes on that belief in her treatments,encouraging her students to practice and hone their skills as she has done. Her love of Reiki, and of life shines through and becomes contagious!!!!  
Thank you Denise for being that inspiration when all hope seemed lost.


C. Vautour, Saint John, N.B

In the short time I have worked with Denise my life has improved immensely. When I first started Reiki treatments with Denise I was drained, stuck in a rut, and lost all passion I once had for activities I once had loved. The time I am with Denise is my 'me' time where we work on energizing, balancing and regaining the passion I once had.


In the short time I have seen Denise I have learned better ways of dealing with people who once drained me of energy and learn to say no when it comes to taking on others negativity.  I also have regained the passion for life I once had when I was a child. I now enjoy the things I have loved and I am discovering new things I enjoy. Dreams I once had are now becoming attainable goals. Going to see Denise has been the best advice I have ever taken from a friend.

J. Gormley, Saint John, N.B

I loved Denise's reiki level 1 class. One of the most valuable aspects for me was learning how to stay grounded as I do energy work. Denise has such a gentle, intuitive approach to teaching and reiki. She really inspired me!

K. Leblanc, Moncton, N.B

After finding Reiki and Denise, I decided to take her level 1. I went in not expecting a lot. I left feeling happier than I'd been in years, it was such a trans-formative experience. Ever since I've loved using and have taken 2 other classes of reiki with Denise and will also be going back to finish my master certification with her. The best part about her classes are that they are so packed full of information, you get the basics and so much more. Her experience and straight forward methods are not only effective but make learning fun.

Her teaching style leaves you wanting to go back and learn more, she is a wealth of information on many areas and spheres of energy work and beyond. What has changed the most for me is my outlook on life and how I interact with others, before taking Reiki with Denise, I had fallen into a negative view of things. Her classes, wisdom and guidance led me to find my true self again and be the positive person I used to be. It has also helped me help people in ways I couldn't imagine before. It has opened up so many doors for me, including allowing me to open my own Reiki Practice.

I would definitely recommend Denise's classes to anyone looking to learn Reiki or any other classes she will offer in the future. She makes you feel very comfortable and is always very patient and understanding.

J. Flowers, Saint John, N.B

Highly recommend Denise as your REIKI teacher. I have taken other REIKI classes and Denise was by far the best.  Looking forward to level three, as well as other classes you will be teaching in the new year...thank you Denise for being such a great soul. Its an honor and blessing for you to be in my world.

J. Chapados, Saint John, N.B

I took Reiki 1 with Denise Carson last November. What led me to it was that I had a shoulder/arm injury that I thought reiki would perhaps help to clear and heal.


As a teacher, I found Denise to be a good balance of enthusiastic and empathic. She made me feel at home with her easy and open style of teaching, encouraging anyone to ask questions and share comments.  I have continued to do reiki on myself and am happy to share that I'm free of pain in my shoulder/arm. I also did some reiki when my dad was diagnosed with 2 cancers (colon & liver) last spring. Though he didn't survive (he passed within 3 weeks of the diagnosis), whenever reiki was done on him, he would feel its energy and would often fall asleep and be free from the pain and anxiety for a few hours. At the end of his life (a week before passing), I would ask him if he would want some silent prayer because that's how I would bring the energy of reiki to him and he would always say yes and also asked for it a couple of times. The last time I saw my dad conscious was one of those times; I kissed him and administed reiki to him and he fell into a deep sleep. The next day he went into a coma. I felt like the reiki presence of love & light connected my dad and I very intimately at the end of his life here on earth. Am very grateful for the experience and knowledge of this modality of healing.

A. Dellemont, Moncton, N.B

When I singed up for the first reiki class I had been looking into it a bit beforehand but I didn't know too much on the subject. The only thing I regret is haven't singed up for it years earlier. For me the experience literally changed my life and the way I view things. My first treatment was amazing and instantly made me a believer and I sometimes do it on myself for whatever pain I have and it truly works wonders. But looking beyond the healing, as I mention earlier, this gift has opened my eyes onto a new path in my life. Denise's teachings have been greatly appreciated and will remain. I plan on pursuing with reiki onto becoming a master. Thank you Denise for all you've done for me! 

K. Gray, Moncton, N.B

I was tentative about going for my first level of Reiki training. Being confused about Reiki I thought that I would give it a fair chance and approached the class with an open mind, I am glad I did, I found Denise Carson patient, warm and her instruction clear and informative. I learned and experienced unique and interesting techniques on healing leading me to take Reiki Level 2 and come Spring I hope to complete my training by taking Reiki Level 3. With Denise she is as close as an email or phone to answer any questions or concerns. I enjoyed her classes immensely opening myself to a new and exciting path.

M. O'Hara, Saint John, N.B

It was once in a life time experience to take Denise's class. The room was fully charged with peace and we could all feel the universal energy surrounding us. The exact blessing lasts for years whenever I do Reiki.  Highly recomend this class!

W. Shi, Saint John, N.B

My healing journey started when I took the Reiki Level 1 course with Denise.  It was a great class and really allowed me to connect and understand so much more of what can affect us energetically.   I used Reiki for my son who had terrible grand mal seizures and now he has NONE.  I also used it daily for myself for anxiety and depression.  I have had NO NEED for medication.  Reki 2 was just a perfect experience.  Denise is so gentle and kind. She is a great teacher and offers so much love.

L. Morton, Saint John, N.B

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