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Certification Classes :

These are two or three day classes that :

                          are prerequisites for practitioner certification

                          result in certification as a practitioner or 

                          result in Instructor certification

They Include:

Reiki Level One ( prerequisite for Reiki practitioner certification)

Reiki Level Two ( Practitioner Certification)

Reiki Level 3a (Prerequisite for Master/Teacher Certification)

Reiki Master/Teacher ( Instructor Certification)

To Register for any of these classes click HERE

ThetaHealing Basic DNA Certification (Basic Practitioner)

ThetaHealing Advanced DNA Certification (Advanced Practitioner)

To Register for any of these classes click HERE

Seminars & Group Experiences are:

an experience offering education, skills or practice within a group.  They are typically 2hours to 4 hours in length but will not result in certification.

Sound Bath (Group Sound therapy)

To register for an upcoming Sound bath click HERE

Introduction to Essential Oils- Drop In, no registration required

Essential Oils 101- How to use your everyday oils (coming soon)

Detox Your Home- (coming soon)

Detox Your Body- (coming soon)

To register for an essential oil event click HERE

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