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Denise Carson B.A, n.d

Holistic Naturopath & Naturotherapist

Reiki Master/Teacher


I always knew I wanted to help people see and experience the world and themselves on a whole new level.  I began my journey doing that after graduating from University where I studied psychology and sociology and criminal justice.


 In University, I started asking some serious questions, about God and Life and its meaning, and while University was the beginning of my spiritual journey for truth,I realize the road leading to University was also one of learning and unfolding.


Really it began when I was a teen-age single mother, in an abusive relationship, I began questioning why I was the way I was, and why I kept making the choices I made.  I began the simple method of self reflecting and self learning.  What I had realized, as the more I understood myself, the more I could change what I didn't like, or what wasn't serving me.


While I was in University, I had a friend send me information on Reiki, and when I had finished University I had another friend take me to a Wellness Expo, where I saw a Reiki Demonstration taking place.  I was intrigued, but even more so when the practitioner stopped doing the session to have a conversation with me.  What she said, I can not remember, I was in a state of shock at how her words brought tears into my eyes, and touched my heart.  So I began doing treatments with her and that was the beginning of my own healing Journey. 


After University, I served the youth in the criminal justice system, facilitated Anger management programs, and learned basic cognitive behavior theories and approaches to changing behavior.  The basis of those techniques focused on the think feel do cycle; Becoming aware of how you think, so you can change it in your moment of choice, Which changes the way you feel which then changes the way you respond in certain situations. I began teaching, and applying those theories to my clients and most importantly, to myself and could see the benefit to self awareness and how you choose to look at things.  But we are more than just thoughts,  and along the way began searching, more seriously,  for the truth of who I am and how to heal  MYSELF.


I took my Reiki One Class, and could feel instantly the energy in my hands, So I took my level two class, and it was in that class I had my own healing experience.  From that class on, I experienced relief from migraine headaches and pain in my upper back and knees.


That was 15 years ago, and since that time I began learning more about energy work and all its wonders.  I began teaching Reiki, practiced meditation regularly and walking the path of spiritual healing and growth.   It is through this experience that I have come to know and understand a path one can take to relief their own pain, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, and to truly change who they are, from the inside out.



I feel blessed,  to be able to assist you on your journey.

I look forward to meeting you and watching you unfold into the beautiful authentic truer more complete--  version of YOU.

Denise Carson B.A.n.d
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